When you think of landscape rakes, you probably think of a giant shovel that can slice through thickets of grass and weeds and haul up massive boulders to your backyard.

But what about a little piece of land that just so happens to have some nice rocks in it?

You can often find a handful of these out there on the beach, and they’re easy to come by in your backyard or at the park.

And with a few simple tools, you can easily make your own.

The key to making a good landscape rake is knowing how to use it effectively.

The basics First of all, you’ll want to use a solid, well-made piece of metal to help support the rake, such as a metal bar or a wooden dowel.

It should also be sturdy enough to stand up against the water and the rocks, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck.

Then you’ll need to make sure that you can reach and use the tool to the desired depth.

This is where a simple set of tools come into play.

They will hold up against water, the rocks and other obstacles that may be in the way of the rake.

Next, you need to choose a proper shape for the rake’s handle.

To start, you may want to make it bigger or smaller to accommodate different sizes of rocks.

The smaller you make the rake the easier it will be to carry it.

Finally, you should choose the right tool for the job, such a drill bit or a mallet.

The tools can be found at any hardware store or online, and can be bought from a hardware store for around $3-$4.

This article will take you through how to build a basic landscape rake.