The NFL, which has struggled to find a sustainable niche in streaming video after years of streaming, is one of the most lucrative video markets in the world.

The league’s new Prime Video service will allow fans to stream content to a TV via the company’s new Amazon Fire TV device.

The NFL said it’s the most-anticipated and successful product to launch in the past year and that Prime Video is a “game-changer” for the NFL.

The new service, which begins next month, is expected to cost about $15 per month for a four-year subscription.

Amazon says it will be offering “premium” channels, but no details about pricing have been released.

“Amazon Prime Video will offer fans access to all the best sports and entertainment content, from behind-the-scenes highlights to behind-closed-doors interviews,” NFL CEO Roger Goodell said in a statement.

“And we know that fans are passionate about the NFL and want the best product on the market.”

Goodell added that the service will deliver a premium experience to NFL fans.

The Prime Video product has been described as a “premier streaming experience,” with NFL games being shown on screens on the Fire TV devices, according to the company.

Amazon’s Prime Video for Apple devices and Google Play for Android devices is expected in late October or early November, with more content to be released later.

The service was announced in April, but there was no official word on when it would be available.

The launch is likely to spur more interest in the NFL’s streaming business.

The New York Jets have already signed a deal with Amazon Prime Video to stream games from its stadium-sized digital streaming device, the FireTV Stick.