By the time I moved to Brisbane, it was already autumn.

My new backyard had just finished filling with a thick layer of dirt and gravel.

It was just what I wanted it to be.

The only problem was the plants were just starting to bloom.

I knew I’d have to make sure the plants stayed healthy.

So I bought a new garden supply and started researching.

I’d seen some of the ideas floating around online and I decided to make my own.

I started by cutting down a bunch of weeds.

I decided on one that was a mix of all my plants and a variety of vegetables.

It turned out to be a lot easier to grow than the other plants, but I had to work out a way to get the vegetables to grow into the ground.

Next I cut a bunch more of the weeds.

It seemed easier than cutting them all down to a few plants, so I went ahead and did that.

I cut about 20 plants at a time.

I had a big garden for about four years and it was pretty much just one big plot of land.

The soil was very hard and the plants needed lots of water and sunlight to grow.

I also had to be very careful about watering the plants.

There was some very heavy downpours during the season and it really did need to be drained to get it to work properly.

When it came time to plant, I took the time to pick the plants up and carefully place them into the soil.

I used a garden tool to push the soil around the plants and cut them down to their roots.

I didn’t need to drill holes in the ground to get them in.

It just took a little bit of skill.

The next step was to plant the first plants.

I took a few weeks to decide what I was going to plant.

I did it a couple of different ways, but the most important thing was that I wanted to find a suitable spot for each plant to grow and to give it the chance to start.

The first plants were all over the place.

I wanted them all to grow up to about 5ft tall, but they grew really quickly.

I was hoping they would have a pretty large root system and that they would eventually start to take up some of my ground.

It wasn’t until I started growing the next few plants that I realised that they really were going to be my main source of food.

The plants didn’t have much to eat but they did have a bit of an appetite.

I tried a few different ways to make them eat and to see what they liked.

One of the plants that did well was a bunch called ‘sugar maple’.

It’s a big, fluffy maple that I planted on top of a bit more than two feet of mulch.

I planted it at the edge of the ground and I had the plants climb the side of the tree.

When the trees got too tall I took them down and they started to eat the mulch and start to build their own little food garden.

I put the first plant in a garden shed, but it was just a matter of finding a place where it could stay and grow.

When I saw the plants growing so quickly I decided that the easiest way to make the best use of the space was to grow the other two plants next to each other.

I placed them about 4ft apart and they grew into an area of about 8ft.

The plan was to have one plant growing next to the other and the other plant growing behind them.

I chose to grow them in a group and plant them in groups of four, so that each group grew three plants.

The reason I did this was because I wanted each group to have its own space.

They didn’t get too big or too small, so each plant could grow up into the centre of the garden.

Once the plants had been growing for about a month, I cut them all up and put them in my greenhouse.

Then I just watered them.

They had been doing fine in the shed, so the next step in the plan was a few years in to a new growing season.

After a while I started to notice a lot of the same plants growing in the garden garden.

This wasn’t something that had happened before.

I thought that they were just trying to find their way in, but that was just because I’d never seen them before.

As the year progressed, I was finding that they started getting a little more interested in me.

They were still growing slowly, but by the end of that year, they were starting to get really hungry.

So, I had them put some food in the fridge for the first week or so.

I could see them eating a bit, but as the days went on, I realised they weren’t eating as much.

I got to the point where I couldn’t take any more of these plants anymore and I’d just had to start cutting them down again.

By the end, they had grown quite