What do we think of BBC landscape artwork?

The new BBC series, ‘The Earth’ has been described as a “classic of the genre” by BBC Wales’ digital editor, Jonathan Smith.

But we are still waiting for the first episode to air, and a BBC Wales spokesperson told us that the show’s official title will be unveiled at a later date.

So what does BBC Wales think of its new landscape art?

It’s a good start.

There are many beautiful landscapes and this is a good example of what they can be.

We hope that the BBC will do more with their landscape art, such as creating a wider range of different types of landscapes and giving more opportunities for people to create their own landscape art.

It will give the audience more ways to engage with the BBC.BBC Wales is also planning a range of interactive activities with the programme, including an in-depth guide to the planet.

The BBC will also be publishing a new guidebook for landscape artists and landscape architects.

You can get more details on the BBC’s landscape arts page.

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