The title of the book ‘Watercolor’ by Laura Bourgeois (above) is “beautiful and beautiful,” but it’s a shame that she didn’t capture the light that shone on the canvas that inspired it. 

“Watercolour” is an art-influenced, minimalist work that is also beautifully photographed and edited, and the result is a striking and arresting picture of the water in the Alps. 

The images of water are presented as a canvas, but the actual composition and lighting are all in the artist’s hands.

The book contains many watercolors, from the popular “Waterfall” by Lauren Almeida to the less well-known “Hazel Hill” by Lulu Knecht.

There’s no doubt that the work is beautiful, and while I haven’t seen “Watercolour,” it’s worth a look for the captivating imagery and haunting soundscape that is contained within.

Laura Bourgeois has created a unique and powerful way of capturing the beauty of nature, which is why she’s a fascinating subject to look at and study.

I was fascinated by the book and wanted to share some of my thoughts on it. 1.

Watercolour by Laura H. Bourgeois.

Bourgeois, a former student of art history at the École des Beaux Arts, studied at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the National Gallery of Canada.

She is a photographer and graphic designer, and has worked with clients including the U.S. Department of State, the U, the United Kingdom, and France.

Her work can be found in magazines and bookstores, and her website is


Watercolor by Laura Almeido.

A portrait of a child.

Watercolour by Almeid.


Watercolors by Lulus Knech.

An artist’s impression of a waterfall.


Waterworks by Luluc.

Pale blue and green watercolours.


The Light and Color of Water by Lili Kneck.

This watercolour by the German artist Luli Knecking captures the color of the sky.


The Water by Jody A. Phelan.

Kneck is a British photographer, and this image is a collage of several watercolour prints.


“Water” by H.M. Côté.

Côtè is a French photographer.


Water by the Waterworks.

Beautiful, natural images.


“Sleeping Beauty” by Céline Dufour.

Dufour, a French artist, is known for her photographs of nature and landscapes.


Water” by Laura Fusco.

Fusco is known as the mother of modern watercoloring.


Water and Photography by Hilda S. Cote.

Santé Cote is a New York-based photographer, whose work is a combination of watercolor, landscape photography and landscape architecture.


The Landscape by Laura Cote Dufre.

It’s a portrait of an urban garden.


14. “

Water is the best canvas in the world.”


The Nature of Watercolours by Hildegard Van Hiel.

Van Hiel is a painter and artist who also paints landscapes.