Gardening software and an app for driving are coming to the driveway.

Treehouse, a Canadian company that develops landscape mapping apps, is launching its own digital landscape mapping service for homeowners to use.

The service, called Treehouse for Driveways, lets homeowners customize their landscape with photos and videos and also includes an online community for users to interact.

The new service is the latest addition to Treehouse’s portfolio of offerings, which includes a mobile app for auto mechanics, a GPS app for bicyclists, a smart door sensor that sends out notifications when a door opens, and a smart car-tracking app.

Treehouses customers can download a free app, Treehouse Driveways for Auto, and then add a custom landscape.

The app automatically adds a digital map of the driveway to a user’s home to display along with other information about the driveway such as height, width and area.

The map is updated on the fly and can include photos and a video.

Users can download the free app on their smartphones, tablets or computers, and Treehouse offers the option to share the app with friends or family members.

Users can also create their own custom landscapes using templates.

The app is free for both iOS and Android devices.

Treehouse also launched its own website,, to offer more in-depth information about Treehouse.

The company says the service is not yet ready for mass adoption, but hopes to launch the service in Canada by the end of the year.