This new Google Doc shows how to “clean” your life.

It includes a list of common mistakes people make when it comes to landscaping.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that are often overlooked when it’s time to create a new landscaping project.1.

Not buying the right tools1.

The right tools will determine the level of care required2.

The proper tools are not available online3.

The wrong tools are needed4.

The tools are out of date5.

There are no good options6.

The correct tools are already in stock7.

The tool is out of stock8.

The planter needs a few adjustments9.

The plants need a few trimming steps10.

The weeds need a couple more trimming points11.

The plant needs a couple of new pots12.

The new plants need more space13.

The tree needs some work14.

The leaves need a little more attention15.

The soil needs a little bit more fertilizer16.

The root system needs some cleaning17.

The ground needs a good cleaning18.

The roots need some fertilizer19.

The bark needs some sanding20.

The branches need some sandpaper21.

The crown needs a bit more sanding22.

The stems need a bit of cleaning23.

The base needs some more sand24.

The bottom needs a light dusting25.

The trunk needs a new layer of bark26.

The front part of the tree needs to be removed27.

The back part of it needs to stay put28.

The top part of its base needs to get more sand29.

The sides need some cleaning30.

The legs need to be sanded31.

The underside needs to go back in and out32.

The arms need to get a new look33.

The head needs to have a new coat of paint34.

The eyes need to have new paint35.

The nose needs to take on a new shine36.

The ears need a new coating37.

The mouth needs a fresh coat of mascara38.

The teeth need a fresh coating39.

The ear wax needs a coat of wax40.

The nails need to start getting some fresh nails41.

The skin needs to stop looking awful42.

The toes need to stop hurting3.

If you have a little trouble finding the right landscaping tools1.)

Get a little help2.)

Have a little assistance3.)

Get some suggestions from friends4.)

Make sure the right kind of planter is being used5.)

Check with your local landscape gardener6.)

Take a tour7.)

Get advice on how to find the right type of planer8.)

Use a planter for your yard or patio9.)

Buy a planer from a local hardware store10.)

Get tips on the best landscaping materials11.)

Learn about the different types of planters in this article12.)

Get recommendations for the best garden planter plans14.)

Get more tips on how you can use the Google Doc to plan your landscaping17.)

Get directions for how to plan for a garden on your patio or lawn18.)

Get all of the information you need to plan a landscaping plan for your garden19.)

Find out which landscaping supplies you need for your landscaped space20.)

Find all of your gardening needs with the Google App21.)

Get your own personalized landscaping planner by downloading Google Doc 22.)

Get the most out of your landscapping plan by choosing the right planter options for your needs23.)

Get an idea of what the different plans will look like with a free Google app 24.)

Get free advice on what to buy to make your landscaps look great and beautiful25.)

Find a way to incorporate your landscap into your everyday routine26.)

Learn how to buy a garden planer at home with this article and other resources28.)

Learn more about how to make a plan that includes a garden and other garden projects29.)

Get ideas on how landscaping can help your business30.)

Learn all about how you may want to improve your home landscape31.)

Find how to take your landscapers to the next level with this guide32.)

Get help on how gardening tools will affect your landscape and other landscaping projects33.)

Find tips on getting the most from a garden care plan