An entire town could be your own animated cartoon landscape, according to a new design project from a California company.

The town would have its own unique aesthetic and aesthetic that would also serve as a sort of hub for other creative projects, like a movie set or a book store, the makers of the animated landscape say.

The town would feature an open-air plaza and an interactive nature park, where visitors could take in the views and the environment around them, the creators say.

They also say the town could serve as an outdoor market and even a tourist attraction, according the website Urban Design Stories.

The designers call the project “Landscape Photography,” and it’s an idea that’s not really new.

They’ve made similar ideas in the past, like this one for a futuristic futuristic city in Japan and this one inspired by the city in “Toy Story 2.”

However, the new project is unique in its concept and its use of a digital drawing tool, not a digital paintbrush.

The idea of using a digital tool for creating a digital landscape comes from a team led by Eric Johnson, who has worked on many of the city-sized urban spaces featured in “The Simpsons,” and he’s also worked on “Disneyworld.”

His other projects include “The Dark Tower” film series and the “Toybox,” a video game series that’s currently in development.

“I wanted to use a digital brush and digital painting tools,” he told Ars in an email.

“We wanted to create a world where you can do things like interact with it, where you could interact with all these elements that are all connected in some way.”

The new project takes inspiration from the classic “cartoon” cartoons, which feature a cartoonish cityscape.

In the cartoon versions, the cartoon characters have their own personal styles and distinctive personalities, like “Mr. Burns” and “The Mayor.”

The cartoon characters also often have an overarching theme that runs through their lives.

The urban landscape concept, which is a mix of real-life urban landscapes and the cartoons, comes from Johnson and the Urban Design Story team, which also includes Michael G. Gartrell, who was featured in a previous version of the project.

Johnson says that his team started working on the project a few years ago.

It’s not yet clear how far the project is taking shape.