You may have heard of the rake that’s perfect for your landscape, but if you don’t have a lot of space in your home, a smaller rake might be the better option.

And a lot less expensive.

If you want a rake that works well in your landscape and has good longevity, the Kichler Landscape Lighting Rake from Rake and Rake 2 will be a good choice.

Pros: Great size for your backyard.

The size is perfect for most people.

It’s easy to clean.

The light is very good.

Cons: It can get a little noisy.

This is because it has a spring-loaded mechanism that can get noisy when you move it around.

We found that when the spring was pushed up too much, the noise would become audible, so we decided to give the KICHLER Landscape Rake a second chance.

Pros : Great size, light weight, great durability.

The Kichlers Rake is a great choice if you have very little space in a house or you just want to get your landscape ready for the weekend.

The rake has a large spring-loading mechanism that allows it to get noisy.

It is also very durable.

Cons : The large spring could get noisy if you move the rake around a lot.

So, if you do not have a very big backyard, it’s a good idea to buy a smaller one.

Pros and cons Pros : The rake is very easy to use.

The spring mechanism allows it for quick cleaning.

The small size is good for getting your landscape clean and looking good.

Pros Cons : We found the noise could get quite annoying when we moved the rake up too far.

The noise would get annoying when the springs were pushed up.

It could get annoying if you moved the spring too much.

The larger spring could be a little more noisy.

So if you’re not into that sort of thing, the larger spring might be better for you.

Pros , Cons Pros : A good choice for most of the outdoor people in our review.

Pros – Great size and good durability.

Cons – We found some noisy spring noises.

Pros Great quality for the price Cons – Some noisy spring noise Pros , Pros Pros : It’s a very good rake for small spaces.

The big spring and spring-operated mechanism allows the rake to be easily cleaned.

The large size is a good option if you want to use it in a larger space.

Cons The spring-activated mechanism that helps to clean the rake can get quite noisy.

We tried using it with a spring, but it was very noisy.

Pros The rake uses a spring mechanism that has a very strong spring.

It has a larger spring that can be pushed up and the spring-equipped mechanism also makes the rake quieter.

The smaller spring allows you to clean it without disturbing the rake.

Pros Good for small space, great for the backyard.

Pros  Cons  Pros :  It’s not for everyone. Pros