The story of the house that became one of Australia’s most recognisable landmarks has been told by a Victorian historian, in a book that is expected to be the most ambitious ever published on the subject.

Professor Robert Worsley, a former lecturer in history at the University of Melbourne, said the book would “change the way historians understand” Melbourne’s history.

“The story of this house has changed dramatically over the past 200 years, it’s just a stunning story,” he said.

“It’s a great story of a house that was built at a time when there was a huge demand for accommodation and the demand was very strong.”

In many ways it’s a fantastic story about Victorian house building.

“But it’s also a story of Victorian Victorian accommodation and how that developed and the changes in Victorian society.”

I think the book will be the first time a historian has been able to tell a story like that.

“The Victorian House at The Old Town, where a house once stood, has been at the centre of the city’s history since it opened in 1930.

Professor Worsleys history professor biography Mr Worsons grandfather, a man called John, was a gardener and a labourer, and the family home was built for him in 1881.”

He built a home for himself in this particular garden, and it became the residence of the family,” Professor Worslett said.

The house’s story has been chronicled in numerous books and articles, including by Professor Peter Davenport, the author of the famous book The Great Melbourne House, which was published in 1966.

The book was also the subject of a documentary film by the ABC, which went to the original house in 1931, and was filmed on location in the Victorian capital.

Professor Davenports work included an excavation of the old house, which he said was an invaluable source of information about the house and the area.”

There are no pictures of the original place,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.”

What you can see of the place today is a reconstruction of a site which is quite remarkable.

“Mr Worssley said the house was a significant and important part of Melbourne’s early history.

In fact, he said it had played a crucial role in Melbourne’s rise to the status of a great city.”

That’s not just because it was the first Victorian building in Melbourne but it was a house,” he explained.”

A house that has been in the city since the beginning of time.