A top executive at a landscaping giant who was accused of sexual harassment has resigned.

Chris Lees, CEO of the Colorado-based Elite landscaping division, was named CEO of its parent company, Blue Ridge Landscape, after a three-year investigation into the company’s operations, according to a news release from Blue Ridge.

Lees’ resignation comes after the company said in a statement on Tuesday that he had been suspended and would be terminated.

Leas’ attorney, William S. Coughlin, said in the statement that Lees had been relieved of his duties at Blue Ridge and would “take full responsibility” for the allegations.

Coughlin also said in an email to employees that the company is committed to maintaining an environment free of harassment.

Leis was the president of Blue Ridge’s North America division until October 2017.

He was promoted to CEO in July, according the release.

Culture and Leadership was founded in the late 1960s by John P. Stover and has been headquartered in Colorado for more than a decade.

Its business has been successful in the Denver area.