In the summer, the flowers will be out and about.

The plants will be flowering.

And the landscape will be dotted with white and purple landscaping rocks, a new kind of landscape decoration that can add a little extra spice to a garden or a lawn.

White landscaping is the new garden trend for outdoor spaces.

White rocks are an attractive option for creating a colorful backdrop to the lawn, creating an appealing backdrop for the landscape or landscaping.

White landscaping comes in a variety of sizes and colors and is commonly found in landscaping shrubbed gardens.

White can also be used as a landscape decoration in outdoor spaces, such as the pool, outdoor swimming areas and sports fields.

A white landscape rocks can be installed in any garden, but the most common type is the large, 2-foot-tall rocks with a black border.

The rocks are made of ceramic and are often painted with bright colors such as white or yellow.

White rocks can also have a green border, which can be a great way to accentuate a garden’s edges or add a touch of color.

White and green are often combined to create a more natural look.

The color can also give the rocks a natural, splashy feel.

White can also serve as a natural background for landscaping and other outdoor areas.

The white rocks can serve as an accent on a lawn, create a splashy backdrop for a pond or garden or be placed on the front lawn to create an appealing setting.

In the past, white landscape rocks were used to create ornamental plants, but they’re now popular for outdoor landscaping as well.

White plants and trees have a tendency to flower in the summer and can be grown for the season in a garden.

In addition to their natural looks, they can also look beautiful in a pool, yard or any other outdoor setting.

White trees can also grow in the backyard as a patio, and some have been grown in a backyard.

White rock landscaping can be created in any style.

Some plants are particularly suited to a white landscape, such the cactus, which grows to 3 feet in height.

You can also choose white landscap rocks to create landscape scenes for landscapers and other landscapers to enjoy.